You have to do What you love and money will follow

Its been a while since I wrote something in this blog. As I wonder in my empty house about where my life is directing I came across a book that I started reading.As most of you know , I love Marketing. I do not know everything about it , but everyday I refresh my mind by reading books , videos, and etc. I started reading a book that explained that the saying that you have to make money even if you do not love what you do because that is why you are a business. Honestly I felt sorry for the author of the guy. My question for him is why would anyone do something they hate just to make money? Money is not about everything .There are billions of people out there doing the things that they hate , but yet they still do not have money. My advice to those who are wanting to start a business is find something that you are passionate about , that you are willing to do for free. If You can do that, and it is something that you love the money will come.


How do you use Instagram to market your product or service?

Are you a small business frustrated? Are you not getting enough customers? Well say no more because I got an idea for you that you can use in your business. Ok I know a lot of you already know about Instagram because you probably take a lot of selfies like I do anyways. But are you trying to sell a product? perhaps you have a weight loss program your trying to sell, a personal trainer, food carts, etc. Whatever products you are trying to sell Instagram can really help you because people search on Instagram for many things. Let’s take an example for a weight loss program. Let’s say that you are a personal trainer and you got these personal training package that you are trying to sell. The number one question that you have to keep asking yourself is that you always have to prove to the consumers why should they choose you over the other millions personal trainers out there. I believe that is when Instagram can help you market your service. You can choose to get pictures of your past before clients and then the results after 30, 60, or 90 days and compare them with each other. You can post that picture and hashtags. What is hashtags per say? Hashtags is a sign # that is used on social media for a given message. For Instagram its like in a folder where that picture and message fall under. For example, as a personal trainer you post your before and after client picture you would hashtags #weightloss#personaltrainer#beforeandafterresults#healthylifestyle. And so people who are searching for like motivation pictures like weight loss would see your pictures and if they see that your service is well proven then people are going to start asking you questions and if you can prove to the customers that your service is better than the other millions personal trainers out there then you will gain that customer. Marketing your service or product on Instagram’s is really not that hard, you just have to make sure that your hashtags as many as you can to increase the chance of people seeing your product or service pictures.

Have you ever google yourself??

So its been a while since I wrote a blog and I honestly missed doing it. I do apologized that it took forever , I have been busy, and life just really took a turn for me. As I mentioned in my about me blog , I am in college and I am currently finishing my business degree in Marketing. This blog would be quick because I just want to emphasize to those people how privacy can be really important for professional people. In one of my class , we did an exercise where we googled each other to find out about one another. When my partner googled me ” Jan kate alfonso” some of the things that came up for me is my ex boyfriend picture and I , my linked, myspace, and google account. Luckily I didn’t really have anything to hide that my partner saw. For me i did not like how my picture with my ex boyfriend pictured showed up because who needs to know about my past right? . In college we study about how you need to make yourself look diligent in every possible way that you could imagine.I have heard a story before when a young man have applied for a job, and he got the job but because he posted stuff about it online they ended up not hiring him. Guys , Please I can’t stress enough how privacy is very important if you are in the professional world. I am not saying to never have Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform because I love all those myself. What I am trying to let you know is that you need to be careful what you put on your social media because companies that you apply for DO GOOGLE YOU. OK guys, this is it for now. If there is something that you are interested in , let me know. And please don’t forget to like.


Do you have a small business that you are having a hard time getting clients and don’t know how to approach marketing and advertisement? well no need to worry because you are not alone.Many business do not take advantage of Instagram which is one of the biggest social media platform in today’s social media.

It works with pictures. let’s say for example that you have a personal trainer business , you can post a picture of video of a certain workout with a client and tag such as results ,healthy, weight loss or something along those lines.Then people who post the same tags will see your post and you have potential of getting a client .For every 100 people who see your post you can expect to earn at least 1 client.

Bottom line is if your a small business and you are not taking advantage of Instagram yet, Get on it!!!

Why I love Blogging

Ever since I was a little kid , I have always love to write. My family would always make fun of me because everyday when I come home from school I would rewrite all my notes from one notebook to another. So I guess writing has always been within me. Now that I am an adult and about to graduate college and hopefully land in a job I truly enjoy my whole perspective on writing is different. I love the big aspect of blogging. I love it because it gives me a chance to open up my idea on a certain topic, as well as discuss topics that I am really interested in. In addition, I also love social media. If there is someone that knows a lot about social media that would be me.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is known to be one of retail grocery store that focuses on organic foods. Their main competition are grocery stores like New Seasons who is doing fairly well in the business. Recently , Whole Foods have announced that they will be opening a new store with a new perspective. This store will be different than the other Whole  foods , it will specialize in providing cheaper products. Do you think this will be a successful project for Whole Foods ? . In my opinion , I believe that it will definitely be beneficial for Whole  Foods because for those who cant afford to buy Whole Foods product would now be able to buy their product at a cheaper price . However , it is not going to be easy because Whole  Foods will encounter challenges to provide this product. They will need to come up with a solution to provide these quality products to the consumers. For example; they can negotiate with the farmers if they buy certain amount of products in a month , if the prices would go down. No matter what ideas they come up with, I think its really interesting to see how they will effect stores like New Seasons.

How I think Whole Foods should attack this type of business ?

It is know that Whole Foods will be competing with a different competitor if they are successful in making this new store low price because they will be one of the grocery store who will be providing a good quality organic products and cheaper price? Obviously , organic foods are expensive . The one way that they can buy these organic products for a cheaper price is to negotiate with farmers, or built their own farm which will be expensive in the beginning but will be worth it in the end because not only they will be able to make this new store less expensive but if they have their own farm for some of the organic products they have , they can also lower the cost for the current whole foods stores.

I am very excited about how this will turn out, and I am sure that this will be very exciting to people who loves organic foods.


About me


20150311_142550My name is Jan Kate Alfonso, I am 26 years old and I am a college student majoring in Business Administration in Marketing. I work full time , and currently going to school full time as well. The main reason I created this blog is because as I reach the end of my college years, I wanted to get practice on hand  on the type of marketing I want to be involve in. I am really passionate about online marketing which is why I decided to get started with blogging. My schedule at the moment is very busy, so I will try and post a blog or two every week. If you have any suggestion on topic you want me to talk about , please feel free to email me.

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