Whole Foods

Whole Foods is known to be one of retail grocery store that focuses on organic foods. Their main competition are grocery stores like New Seasons who is doing fairly well in the business. Recently , Whole Foods have announced that they will be opening a new store with a new perspective. This store will be different than the other Whole  foods , it will specialize in providing cheaper products. Do you think this will be a successful project for Whole Foods ? . In my opinion , I believe that it will definitely be beneficial for Whole  Foods because for those who cant afford to buy Whole Foods product would now be able to buy their product at a cheaper price . However , it is not going to be easy because Whole  Foods will encounter challenges to provide this product. They will need to come up with a solution to provide these quality products to the consumers. For example; they can negotiate with the farmers if they buy certain amount of products in a month , if the prices would go down. No matter what ideas they come up with, I think its really interesting to see how they will effect stores like New Seasons.

How I think Whole Foods should attack this type of business ?

It is know that Whole Foods will be competing with a different competitor if they are successful in making this new store low price because they will be one of the grocery store who will be providing a good quality organic products and cheaper price? Obviously , organic foods are expensive . The one way that they can buy these organic products for a cheaper price is to negotiate with farmers, or built their own farm which will be expensive in the beginning but will be worth it in the end because not only they will be able to make this new store less expensive but if they have their own farm for some of the organic products they have , they can also lower the cost for the current whole foods stores.

I am very excited about how this will turn out, and I am sure that this will be very exciting to people who loves organic foods.



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