How do you use Instagram to market your product or service?

Are you a small business frustrated? Are you not getting enough customers? Well say no more because I got an idea for you that you can use in your business. Ok I know a lot of you already know about Instagram because you probably take a lot of selfies like I do anyways. But are you trying to sell a product? perhaps you have a weight loss program your trying to sell, a personal trainer, food carts, etc. Whatever products you are trying to sell Instagram can really help you because people search on Instagram for many things. Let’s take an example for a weight loss program. Let’s say that you are a personal trainer and you got these personal training package that you are trying to sell. The number one question that you have to keep asking yourself is that you always have to prove to the consumers why should they choose you over the other millions personal trainers out there. I believe that is when Instagram can help you market your service. You can choose to get pictures of your past before clients and then the results after 30, 60, or 90 days and compare them with each other. You can post that picture and hashtags. What is hashtags per say? Hashtags is a sign # that is used on social media for a given message. For Instagram its like in a folder where that picture and message fall under. For example, as a personal trainer you post your before and after client picture you would hashtags #weightloss#personaltrainer#beforeandafterresults#healthylifestyle. And so people who are searching for like motivation pictures like weight loss would see your pictures and if they see that your service is well proven then people are going to start asking you questions and if you can prove to the customers that your service is better than the other millions personal trainers out there then you will gain that customer. Marketing your service or product on Instagram’s is really not that hard, you just have to make sure that your hashtags as many as you can to increase the chance of people seeing your product or service pictures.


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